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ASG I (2001)

Graduate Student Conference on Ibn Sīnā

The First International Meeting was organised by David C. Reisman and Ahmed H. al-Rahim. Below you find the call for papers that was issued by Ahmed H. al-Rahim on 23 February 2000 to initiate the first “Graduate Student Conference on Ibn Sīnā”. The “note,” informing about the revised deadline, seems to indicate that this call for papers was already the second call, but I was unable to find traces of the first. The conference was, then, held 17–18 March 2001 at Yale University and culminated in the formation of the Avicenna Study Group. Its contributions were collected in the by now well-known volume Before and After Avicenna: Proceedings of the First Conference of the Avicenna Study Group.

CONF./CFP- Yale Univ. Graduate Student Conference on Ibn Sina, Spring 2001

Posted by: Ahmed H. al-Rahim
Posted: 23 Feb 2000

(Spring 2001, Yale University)


Note: Deadlines for Abstracts and First Drafts have been revised

The recent growth of research interest in the life, times, and philosophy of Ibn Sina on the part of graduate students in the United States and Europe represents an exciting development in the fields of Islamic Studies and the History of Philosophy. The First Graduate Student Conference on Ibn Sina has two main objectives: to foster communication and debate among graduate students pursuing research on Ibn Sina; and to introduce this new generation of students and their research interests to senior scholars working on Ibn

This two-day conference is tentatively scheduled for March 2001 and will be held at Yale University. Presenters of papers will be limited to graduate students and junior scholars (recent Ph.D.s). The conference will be chaired and discussed by senior scholars. Students and scholars at all career stages are invited to attend. The theme of the conference is Ibn Sina studies broadly conceived. Areas of investigation for paper presentation include but are not limited to:

  • Autobiography/Biography complex (life and times)
  • Bibliography and Manuscripts
  • Thought (including all exact and philosophical sciences addressed by Ibn Sina)
  • Reception of Ibn Sina’s philosophy (Arabic, Persian, Turkish)

The Latin Avicenna will not play a significant role in the conference. A 300-word abstract of paper topic is requested by June 1, 2000. First drafts of papers are due November 1, 2000. There is a strong possibility that partial travel and maintenance stipends will be awarded to participants. The proceedings will be published.

To register interest contact:
David C. Reisman or Ahmed H. al-Rahim
Yale University
P.O.Box 208236
New Haven, CT 06520-8236
Tel.: 203 432-2944
Fax: 203 432-2946