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ASG II: Proceedings


Table of Contents


David C. Reisman: The Pseudo-Avicennan Corpus, I: Methodological Considerations.

Avicenna on Natural Philosophy and the Exact Sciences

Catarina Belo: Ibn Sīnā on Chance in the Physics of aš-Šifāʾ.

Jon McGinnis: On the Moment of Substantial Change: A Vexed Question in the History of Ideas.

Robert E. Hall: Intellect, Soul and Body in Ibn Sīnā: Systematic Synthesis and Development of the Aristotelian, Neoplatonic and Galenic Theories.

Peter Adamson: Non-Discursive Thought in Avicenna’s Commentary on the Theology of Aristotle.

Irina Luther: The Conception of the Angle in the Works of Ibn Sīnā and aš-Šīrāzī.

Avicenna on Theology and the Metaphysics

Ömer Mahir Alper: Avicenna’s Argument for the Existence of God: Was He Really Influenced by the Mutakallimūn?

Rahim Acar: Reconsidering Avicenna’s Position on God’s Knowledge of Particulars.

Amos Bertolacci: The Reception of Book B (Beta) of Aristotle’s Metaphysics in the Ilāhīyāt of Avicenna’s Kitāb aš-Šifāʾ.

Olga Lizzini: The Relation Between Form and Matter: Some Brief Observations on the ‘Homology Argument’ (Ilāhīyāt, II.4) and the Deduction of Fluxus.

The Heritage of Avicenna

M. Afifi Al-Akiti: The Three Properties of Prophethood in Certain Works of Avicenna and al-Ġazālī.

Roxanne D. Marcotte: Resurrection (Maʿād) in the Persian Ḥayāt an-Nufūs of Ismāʿīl Ibn Muḥammad Rīzī: The Avicennan Background.